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CNC Turning milling center double spindle TCMD-42

CNC Turning milling center double spindle TCMD-42
Advantage●This Machine has two spindles with corresponding arrangement and two tool rests cotrolled by Y axis.●It can achieve the turning and milling for two parts simultaneously(same parts or not).

Product Details

China Double Spindle Precision Swiss Turn CNC Lathe Turning and Milling Column Horizontal Machining Center TCMD-42

cnc turing and milling center.jpg

cnc turing milling center tools.jpg

Technial Specification

TCMD-42 turning milling center spec01.pngTCMD-42 cnc turning milling machining center02.png

Quality Assurance

cnc turn mill machining center testing.png

Some Samples

cnc turn mill machining parts.png

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