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Engraving Machine What Scope
Jan 27, 2016

Advertising engraving machine

As awareness of the engraver and master, thescope of application and application level willgradually 

increase, such as seal 

of theadvertising industry, industry, arts and crafts,art modeling industry, wood processing, 


and so on. Machinable materialsincluding acrylic, double-color Board, PVC, ABS,stone, stone

Various materials such as wood, metal, aluminum-plastic composite panel.

Advertising industry: carving, cutting all types of signs, signage, marble, copper, font, 

fonts,logos, trademarks and other metal materials.

Handicraft activities: crafts, souvenirs carvedon all kinds of texts, graphics, iron artcarvings, 


Mold: architectural model, physical model, hotmodel, motors, high-frequency mode, micro-injection, 

shoe mold, coats of arms, Embossingdies, biscuits, chocolates, candy molds.

Seal: in the Horn, wood, plastic, organic plate,on the storage pad and other materials easilyengraved